Open Source Hardware Camp - Talks Day

Saturday 26th September



Compére: Dr Jeremy Bennett.

9:30am — 10:00am

Research led reality – how rhetoric and research shapes the maker movement

Hannah Stewart

10:00am — 10:30am

Confusion of Things — The IoT Hardware Kerfuffle

Omer Kilic

Tea/Coffee break

10:40am — 11:10am

Disrupting the IoT by leveraging the ESP8266 for big data

Matt Venn

11:10am — 11:40pm

Controlling a CNC milling machine with a BeagleBone Black and Machinekit

Stuart Childs

11:40pm — 12:10pm

Speculative Hardware in Abstract Culture

Derek Hales


1:10pm — 1:40pm

How to Openwash Your Product and Make Your Millions!

Ben Gray

1:40pm — 2:10pm

Simulating and benchmarking the Adapteva Parallella board

Sarah Mount

2:10pm — 2:40pm

TIntroducing a fun documentation standard to share your project

obias Wenzel

“Ooh, I'm gasping. Time for a brew”

3:20pm — 3:50pm

C88 — possibly the world's lowest spec PC

Daniel Bailey

3:50pm — 4:20pm

Using open source processors and fabrics for scale-out compute

Rob Taylor

TEA! (or Coffee of course)

4:30pm — 5pm

WSPR, You Versus the Atmosphere: Pushing the limits of radio with minimal hardware

Jenny List

5pm — 5:30pm

Low level Ethernet on micros and FPGA

Michael Kellett

5:30pm — 6pm

Open Hardware Licensing - it’s easier than you think

Andrew Katz

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